Europrojekt Gdansk S.A. headquarters
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EUROPROJEKT GDANSK S.A. provides engineering and consultative services.
We engineer complex infrastructure such as roads, bridges, tunnels and railroads. We assist investors in a wide range of undertakings – from the creation of an idea for a new investment all the way to obtaining real estate property rights where the investment is to be constructed.

We also design multipurpose arenas, commercial structures and public use facilities. Our services encompass all of Poland, and – through our strategic partner SSF Ingenieure AG located in Munich – we design technical engineering structures in many countries, including Germany, Austria, Holland, Saudi Arabia, India and China.
We engineer:
-transportation infrastructure
-public use premises
-industrial plants
-commercial structures
-residential structures

We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.
Our qualified engineering staff guarantees the highest of services. Our staff is composed of graduates of technical universities in Poland. We are a progressive company and implement a numeric documentation system.

At Europrojekt Gdansk S.A., we try our hardest to engage in cutting-edge technology development for engineering structures. Our company participates in various research and implementation programs – both in Poland and abroad.
We distribute cutting-edge SOFiSTiK software
Our strategic partner is SSF Ingenieure AG, located in Munich
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